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Gascoigne Estate East - Phase 3B, King Edwards Road, Barking - 21/01076/FULL


The Development Management Officer (DMO), Be First Development Management Team, introduced a report on an application from LBBD seeking a planning permission for the demolition of existing buildings and the construction of 334 homes, cycle parking, new public streets, amenity space and ancillary works (in relation to Phase 3B – development parcels L and M) at Gascoigne Estate East, King Edwards Road, Barking. 


In addition to internal and external consultations, a total of 976 notification letters were sent to neighbouring properties together with the requisite statutory press notice. No responses were received. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) being a statutory consultee were unable to provide a formal response due to a backlog in determination time. Consequently following discussions with the HSE it was proposed that should Members be mindful to approve the application, it be subject to any subsequent representations from the HSE relating to the gateway ONE fire statement.


The DMO explained that the proposal included the construction of residential units of varying size, scale and tenure with 53% of all units being affordable. The development would result in a net increase in affordable floor spaces including ample provision of 3- and 4-bedroom units meeting the needs of local residents on the Council’s housing waiting list.


All dwellings would have high quality internal spaces standards and private external amenity in the form of rear gardens and private balconies. All units would be accessible and adaptable with a minimum of 10% being wheelchair accessible. The majority of units would be dual aspect providing high quality living accommodation. Additionally, shared private amenity was proposed within each perimeter block along with two new public spaces, a Garden Square and Linear Park. These spaces would provide play space for children aged 5-11 with a financial contribution sought to improve play space provision off-site.


The development had been designed to knit in with the emerging townscape that would come forward in the Gascoigne Estate whilst maintaining an acceptable impact on neighbouring amenity. Similarly, the development would encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport through being car free in nature, hosting ample provision of cycle storage and improving public transport connectivity linked to the re-routing of the no.62 London bus route. The development would provide sustainable development, sustainable drainage and contribute to protecting and enhancing biodiversity on-site.


Given therefore the above and subject to the imposition of conditions and obligations, officers were of the opinion that the benefits arising from the scheme would outweigh any significant harm significantly and demonstrably, and to this end the proposal was considered acceptable and in keeping with development policies.


There being no issues or questions raised by Members,


The Committee RESOLVED:


1.  To agree the reasons for approval as set out in this report,


2.  To delegate authority to the Director of Inclusive Growth in consultation with the Head of Legal Services to consider any representations from the HSE relating to (gateway ONE fire statement review) and subject to there being no substantive objections, to grant planning permission subject to any direction from the Mayor of London, and the completion of a S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) based on the Heads of Terms identified at Appendix 7 and the Conditions listed in Appendix 6 of the report; and


3.  That, if by 25 October 2022 the legal agreement has not been completed, the Director of Inclusive Growth was delegated authority to refuse planning permission or extend this timeframe to grant approval.



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