Committee details

Employee Joint Consultative Committee

Purpose of committee

The Employee Joint Consultative Committee provides a forum for effective communication and consultation between all employees and the Council to:


·  promote good employee relations and facilitate communications between the Council and employees in order to prevent and remove friction and misunderstanding;


·  consider issues affecting conditions of service and employees generally;


·  provide opportunities for employees to have a wider interest in, and greater responsibility for, the conditions under which their work is performed;


·  inform employees about the Council's strategy; and planning and promoting their involvement in the achievement of Best Value and the Council's core values and corporate objectives;


·  provide opportunities for employees to contribute to the above processes.


Meetings are held quarterly (usually on a Monday and start at 3 pm), unless business is urgent, when a special meeting can be called upon the submission of an agenda from either side with at least five working days’ notice.



The quorum is 6



·  Six representatives for the Council Side who shall be Councillors appointed by the Assembly, and


·  Nine union stewards for the Employees' Side who are in the employment of the Council.  The Employees Representatives must include at least two from each of the Unions: APEX, GMB, UNITE and UNISON.


Contact information

Support officer: Masuma Ahmed, Principal Governance Officer.

Postal address:
Ground Floor
Town Hall
1 Town Square
IG11 7LU

Phone: 020 8227 2756