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Local Plan Steering Group


The Local Plan Steering Group (previously known as the Unitary Development Plan Steering Group and the Local Development Framework Steering Group) has the following remit, as agreed by Cabinet under Minute 341 (15 March 2005) and Minute 71 (12 December 2017):


·  To act as a liaison mechanism between Officers and Councillors to examine and make recommendations upon suitable policies and proposals for the content and process of the production of the Local Plan;

·  To seek to ensure co-ordination between the production of the Local Plan and other Council strategies and initiatives;

·  To heighten the sense of ownership of the Local Plan amongst Members of the Cabinet, and to clarify the Cabinet’s lead role;

·  To receive and advise upon changes in Government policy and guidance that will affect the decision-making process of the Council and the Local Planning Authority; and

·  To make recommendations to the Cabinet on projects to be funded from Strategic and Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) annual budgets.

Contact information

Location: Barking

Daniel Pope
Group Manager, Development Planning

Local Development Framework Steering Group
Town Hall, 1 Town Square,
IG11 7LU

Phone: 020 8227 3929

Website: http://www.lbbd.gov.uk/Environment/PlanningPolicy/LocalDevelopmentFramework/Pages/home.aspx

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Email: daniel.pope@lbbd.gov.uk

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