Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee
Tuesday, 11 October 2022 7:00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Barking

Contact: John Dawe, Senior Governance Officer 


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The minutes of the meeting held on 12 September 2022 were confirmed as correct.


Dagenham Green (Former Dagenham Stamping and Tooling Site), Phase 1 - 22/01014/REM pdf icon PDF 3 MB

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The Senior Principal Planner, Be First Development Management Team, introduced a report on an application from Dagenham Dock Ltd (Peabody) seeking approval of reserved matters at the site of the former Dagenham Stamping and Tooling Operations site at Chequers Lane, Dagenham. The application sought approval of details (Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale), relating to Plots A, B and C of outline planning permission ref: 21/01808/OUTALL, comprising erection of buildings (ranging in heights from 6 to 19 storeys) to deliver 935 residential dwellings (Class C3), and 1,684.5sqm (GIA) of flexible non-residential and/or ancillary residential floorspace (Use Classes E and/or F1(f) and/or F2(b) and/or Sui Generis (drinking establishment with or without expanded food provision) and/or ancillary residential); delivery of new public open space and communal open space, including children’s play space, new public realm, landscaping works and new lighting; car and cycle parking spaces together with associated highways and utilities works incidental to the proposed development, including temporary highways works (Phase 1 Development).


Further to the publication of the agenda, a supplementary report was circulated and referenced in the presentation which contained details of a late consultation response, which had triggered slight amendments to a few conditions, and corrected a number of minor typos.


In addition to internal and external consultations, a total of 187 notification letters were sent to neighbouring properties, together with the requisite statutory notice. No objections were received.

In response to the officer presentation, several questions were asked by the Committee, covering the provision of leisure space for teenagers, the ratio of allocated parking spaces to the number of units including blue badge spaces within the current phase of development, the number and type of electric charging points,  plans to address parking violations including delivering drivers parking in bus stops, and changes, to the public art aspects of the proposed Heritage strategy associated with the development.


The officer responded that whilst there was no dedicated leisure provision for teenagers, that which had been allocated in this phase would be designed for a broad range of age groups. Additionally, there were plans for a new school within the area which would include playing field provision for a wider community use, as well as additional play space for all age groups in later phases of development.


The officer assessment of parking need, coupled with policy objectives for modal shift had concluded that the ordinary parking provision was considered sufficient, and although it was recognised that there would always be a demand for further resident parking, this had to be balanced with local and regional parking policies. The reality was that this phase of development was the nearest to Dagenham Dock Station and C2C connections and bus hubs, and consequently it had the lowest ratio of parking in comparison to later phases of development. The applicant had signed up to a car free agreement as part of a Car Management Plan (CMP), which included notifying residents about parking provision and taking steps to address unregulated and informal parking in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 14.


Barking Riverside, Stage 2 North - 22/01199/AOD & Plots 206A & 208A Stage 2 North - 22/01249/REM pdf icon PDF 1 MB

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The Deputy Chief Planner, Be First gave a presentation covering the following two inter-related planning applications under consideration at this meeting as follows:


Barking Riverside Ltd at the site of Stage 2 North - Barking Riverside Area, Renwick Road, Barking. This application (22/01199/AOD) concerned details pursuant to Conditions 5 (Details of Stages/Plots), Conditions 31 and 32 (Sub Framework Plans), Condition 33 (Nature Conservation), Condition 35 (Access) and Condition 36 (Design Code) attached to planning consent 18/00940/FUL dated 26/10/2018 in relation to Stage 2 North only.


Bellway Homes Partnership at Plots 206A & 208A within Stage 2 North- Barking Riverside Area, Renwick Road, Barking. This application (22/01249/REM) concerned details pursuant to Conditions 38 and 39 (Plot Details) following the outline approval 18/00940/FUL. The proposed development comprised the erection of 440 dwellings (Use Class C3), Commercial Floorspace (A1/A2/A3/B1/D2) and a residential gym, associated parking, landscaping and tertiary roads. This application also sought to partial discharge of conditions 5 (Partial Discharge), 41 (Acoustics), 42 (Nature conservation and Landscape), 43 (Parking and Servicing), 47 (Drainage), 48 (Access), 49 (Air Quality), 50 (Code of Construction Practise) and 51 (Construction Environmental Management Plan and Site Waste Management Plan). The outline planning application was an Environmental Impact Assessment application for which an environmental statement was submitted.


Further to the publication of the agenda, supplementary reports were circulated in respect of both applications. These were referenced in the presentation and contained a number of factual corrections to the main reports, which did not materially alter the officer recommendations for either application.


It was necessary to consider the proposed amendments to the Sub-Framework Plan application (22/01199/AOD) in the first instance, so as to allow the reserved matters application (22/01249/REM) to come forward, and in so doing, to vote on each separately in that order.


The range of internal and external consultations had been undertaken, the details of which were set out in appendices to both reports, together with the material planning considerations arising therefrom. Given the nature of application (22/01199/AOD) it was not necessary to consult with neighbouring properties, nor publish statutory notices. As regards application (22/01249/REM), a total of 617 notification letters were sent to neighbouring properties with the requisite statutory site notice. In total, five representations were received, the material planning considerations of which were addressed in the planning assessment set out in the report.


The principal effects of each application were assessed as:



Increase in units by 284 across all plots (1,410 to 1,694)

Amend tenure (45% LAR from 50% but provide net increase)

Reduction in non-residential floorspace

Increase in heightto 208a (to 60metres)

Changes to development zones, and

Increase in child’s play space



440 new homes providing a balanced mix of homes including

1, 2 and 3-bedroom properties

154 affordable homes providing comprising both London Affordable Rents and Shared Ownership

230m2 of commercial space

114m2 residents gym, and

A high-quality design that completed the Stage 2 North development and complied with the outline planning permission.


In response to questions, a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 15.