Agenda and minutes

Community Safety Partnership
Wednesday, 27 March 2019 10:00 am

Venue: Conference Centre, Barking Learning Centre, Town Square, Barking

Contact: Jade Hodgson, Community Safety Policy Officer 

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Introductions and Apologies for Absence


The chair welcomed members to the March meeting and introductions and apologies were made.


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Declaration of Interests

Members of the Board are asked to declare any personal or prejudicial interest they may have in any matter which is to be considered at this meeting.


No declarations of interest to note.


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Minutes pdf icon PDF 131 KB


Minutes from December’s CSP board were reviewed and confirmed as correct by board members. The chair called for all open actions to be reviewed and updates provided to Jade Hodgson to ensure that actions are completed ahead of the next board meeting.


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Sub-Group Update Reports


Children and Young People (CYP)

·  The CYP subgroup meets quarterly with the last meeting held in March 2019. The last meeting was attended by the Youth Justice Board (YJB) specifically focusing on the action plan from the HIMP inspection and Youth Justice Plan.

·  LBBD Youth Offending Service (YOS) were listed as a priority status YOS due to high levels of first time entrants (FTE), a request was put forward to remove the priority status, LBBD have been informed that they have now been removed as a high priority status YOS due to ongoing improvement with regard to performance and improved statistics around FTE.

·  During this time LBBD were also undergoing a 3 week OFSTED inspection looking into social care services. The outcomes of this inspection are due to be published on 1st April 2019. Feedback to date has shown positive outcomes of work that has been carried out between social care and YOS and inspectors also highlighted positive work around exploitation and vulnerable adolescents.

·  Key challenge highlighted was ensuring that the meeting is partnership led rather than being heavily LBBD driven, health partners will be developing a presentation on health needs of young people, the MPS will also be presenting at future meetings.


The Chair reiterated the need for a partnership approach and partner engagement in agendas and forward plans for both the CSP and its functioning subgroups. Fiona Taylor informed the board that a review of the partnership board will take place to look at membership of CSP including lead and sub representatives.


ACTION: Fiona Taylor and Jade Hodgson to conduct CSP Governance and membership review.


Hate Crime, Intolerance and Extremism (HIE)

Rita Chadha noted that this HIE group subgroup has been reconvened and has held two meetings in 2019. The group have revisited the membership and ToR which have been agreed. It was also highlighted that the Tension monitoring meeting has been reinstated.


Managing Offenders

The last reducing reoffending board was held in December 2018 due the recent meeting being cancelled and rescheduled for 02 May 2019. The group are focusing on borough action plans and where areas and priorities can be aligned cross boroughs and identifying where analytical support can be utilised.


Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

Hazel North-Stephens updated members on progress and work carried out under the VAWG subgroup, the following points were noted;

·  The last meeting was held in January 2019 and have been meeting quarterly.

·  Since the EAST BCU Serious Violence Summit there has been a heavy focus on the plans to launch a domestic abuse commission to better understand the tolerance and acceptance level of abuse in the borough.

·  LBBD DV Policy at work has been updated which now offers people experiencing abuse10 days paid leave to access support services. LBBD are the first in country to offer this to people enduring abuse and potentially the first in world for the offer this to people using abusive behaviours who are coming forwards for help to change. 

·  Hestia “everyone business” can  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.

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Safer Neighbourhood Board Update pdf icon PDF 195 KB


Stephen Thompson updated members on the SNB and the following was noted;

  • Victim support highlighted that victim care support cards distributed by the MPS contain incorrect contact details. MPS advised that MOPAC requested that Victim Support change their logo following a successful 3 year contract therefore the roll out of 250,000 new victim care support cards is on hold until further notice. In the interim the MPS are manually correcting the contact details.
  • Neighbourhood Watch is in the process of being re-established. 
  • Functions of ward panel meetings have improved following work by Inspector Goodwin, however there are still issues with attendance of local police officers.
  • 2019/20 SNB funding applications have been submitted to MOPAC, the SNB are still awaiting feedback from MOPAC on borough allocation and guidance.
  • The SNB held their first public meeting for 2019 on 14 March, over 70 people were in attendance due to the recent murder of Jodie Chesney. Concerns focused on ASB in areas such as Dagenham Heathway and Chadwell Heath where residents highlighted that there is not enough police presence especially during peak times.
  • Sonia Drozd requested for any intelligence around drug dealing or drug taking was reported where outreach support can be deployed.
  • Concerns were raised by Steve Thompson around the lack of officers and the number of stop and searches being conducted prior to March figures. MPS noted that March has seen an increase of more than 400 which is heading in the right direction. MPS noted that they continue to encourage officers to use their stop and search powers. Additionally, there have been two section 60s in Barking and Dagenham in March however no formal feedback has been received.
  • The SNB chair raised concern around content and validity of information in the MPS daily briefings as incidents that occurred in Valence Park that led to the section 60 was not included. It was highlighted that daily briefings should have analytical information around the content. Detective Superintendent Chaudri noted that briefings do not include all crimes only relevant information however additional information can be requested, it was also highlighted that the partnership hub would not provide analytical information however information is provided through tasking meetings.
  • Councillor Mullane noted that LBBD are not receiving updates such as briefings and updates on knife crime incidents which should be part of our partnership working approach. This has been raised with Jason Gwillim, Tri-borough Commander. MPS noted that the aim to circulate information within 2-3 hours depending on the duty officer and operational priority.
  • Councillor Mullane noted that work is being done with residents of Marks Gate who feel they are less connected to the borough. Councillor Worby has arranged for a mini bus to transport young people to and from the Youth Zone to ensure that this can be accessed by all young people.
  • Rita Chadha highlighted the need for an improved partnership approach following the open SNB which highlighted that residents are willing to support for example keeping information boards outside police stations updated.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.

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Performance Report pdf icon PDF 168 KB

Additional documents:


Daniel James updated members on performance and data in relation to crime and disorder until Jan 2019 (financial year to date), MPS noted that statistics have continued to improve from Jan 2019. Data reflects that figures are positive for subgroup indicators.

·  Arson has seen a large reduction due to partnership working through IVOLT.

·  CYP subgroups in proven reoffending reduced and below London, England and Wales average.

·  Reduction in robbery due to op Mexico, 16% reduction compared to previous year. Non DA VWI is reducing but not significantly as we are only down by 2.4% and burglary 1.4%.

·  Knife crime down but aim to continue the reduction.

·  The Home Office have set up task and finish group around vehicle security including police, council etc to set out national and regional responses to theft of motor vehicle.

·  Councillor Mullane questioned if we can identify what area in the council is lead for responding to fire reports where people are getting stuck in lifts as a result of smoking.

·  Although data shows a reduction in crimes this is not reflective of the resident’s perception of safety. Andy Opie agreed that action needs to be taken to ensure that we are involving comms to push positive messages in relation to community safety. The MPS have reinstated the confidence satisfaction board which would support the review of perceptions of safety.

·  Victim satisfaction for Barking and Dagenham is one of lowest across London and this needs to be addressed. It was highlighted that work is being done with the MPS and LBBD comms team to ensure there is a partnership approach to responding.


ACTION: Fiona Taylor to follow up council lead in response to breakdown lists due to smoking, a written response is to be circulated to members.

ACTION: Fiona Taylor to discuss with comms and push through social media to ensure that positive messages of community safety are being published. Report to the next meeting.



CRC Consultation Update


Steve Calder provided a verbal update to the board on the consultation put out by Ministry of Justice. Partners were asked to comment, and the consultation has now closed and awaiting publication. Tenders are going out at the end of 2019 and new providers will be announced at the end of 2020. CRC will be submitted a bid for London and other CRC provision however until decision is made then businesses as usual will continue. There is a strong push to align work between NPS and CRC. Member of the board felt that more understanding is required around what the concerns and impacts could be locally.


ACTION: Steve Calder to provide a presentation at Junes board to update members on current progress and impacts at local level.



Modern Slavery Update pdf icon PDF 155 KB

Additional documents:


Hazel North-Stephens presented the work that has been conducted under the Safeguarding Adults Board in relation to Modern Slavery.  As a result, from work with human trafficking foundation and ADASS in 2017 after single point of contact training it highlighted that there was a need for a pathways process. A Learning event was held to look at mental capacity act and modern slavery. LSCB training was rolled out and train the trainer will also be rolled out targeting areas such a tenancy sustainment and enforcement. Work has been done by policy and participation who have received funding from the Controlling Migration Fund for AFRUCA Child Safeguarding Project. Eastern European Resource Centre is an additional outreach project to support vulnerable and economically marginalised residents potentially working with modern day slavery and human trafficking victims. April Bald noted that this matter should cross between both adults and childrens safeguarding boards. 


Councillor Mullane highlighted that work is being done with Andy Opie to review council departments response to modern slavery to draw together a report that can help shape where there are training needs.  The chair noted this will be taken through assembly.


The council are also producing a Modern slavery statement which has been supported through procurement board and our legal framework, this is based around best practice rather than a statutory requirement.


Rita Chadha added that only 6% referred, get leave to remain, these low numbers have a negative impact. Migrant help was awarded a contract for managing properties with migrant residents and wrap around services to victims of modern slavery. The contract goes live Sept 2019. It was noted that there has been an increase in referrals to NRM for young migrant involved in gangs


ACTION: Andy Opie to link in with Hazel North-Stephens to agree and pilot/ test training for Enforcement Services


CVS - Network and Coordinator Post


·  CVS are an independent organisation acting as an umbrella for the voluntary and community sector, recently awarded Trustee Board of the year 2019.

·  CVS do not duplicate services but will support with areas such as pilots and applications for funding. CVS have a special purpose vehicle “East London Local Ltd” that can legally hold bid money for organisations.

·  GLA opened the first round of the Young Londoners Fund (YLF) in November 2018, Barking and Dagenham received a proportion of funding for individual programmes. The GLA aim for this to become sustainable and develop into a youth network.

·  Round two funding will be announced in May 2019 and open for 8 weeks, work is being done with childrens care and support to map what services are missing in Barking and Dagenham.

·  Quality assurance and accreditation through the London Youth and training offered to organisations.

·  BoxUp Crime and Abbey Ward Associates have been awarded funding to become sustainable to continue to conduct work to reduce youth violence.

·  No work has been done with the YOS by organisations who have been awarded funding to run programmes to reduce criminal behaviours. The network has been implemented to join up these gaps.

·  December 2018, CVS were awarded the YLF network fund from January 2019-December 2021 to support new and existing projects under the YLF. CVS are open to suggestions on how to model the post.

·  Programme will offer monthly network meetings in each borough on a wider scale and will open to all organisations, quarterly meeting bringing together Barking and Dagenham and Havering. Capacity building support, training opportunities including safeguarding and will now offer quarterly newsletters rather than term time.

·  CVS successful in securing safeguarding training funding which will be developed and brought back to the CSP.

·  LBBD are known for submitting a lower number of bids for funding opportunities, it was agreed that applications come to attention at short notice although there has been an improvement in the council structure with co-ordinated bids.

·  CVS hold an open register for organisations to express interest in applications and when funding is open CVS can contact those who are interested. This is being done with the Youth Endowerment Fund.


ACTION: CSP to help promote local network and local needs assessment to identify gaps, priorities and concerns for the YLF Network.

ACTION: Rita Chadha to provide update on progress of network at June’s board.

ACTION: Rita Chadha to bring bespoke safeguarding training package to CSP.

ACTION: Members to report questions back to Rita and Rita to provide overview on questions and feedback to board members.



Hate Crime Strategy


The hate crime subgroup focusses on issues of hate crime, extremism and the prevent agenda. Whilst there are no notable concerns it was raised that the hate incident panel (HIP) have not met since November 2017 so the group are unsure on the number of hate crime referrals. There is now a fresh opportunity to develop a hate crime strategy. The short term concerns are what temporary measures are in place without a functioning HIP. It was noted that there is scope for the Standing Case Conference to incorporate the referrals for the HIP in the interim whilst the CSP review is conducted.


Stop Hate UK currently funded through the LCPF until March 2019 is due to be extended for an additional year, discussions are being had as to where this sits within the council. Additional work to promote Stop Hate UK will be carried out and additional training sessions rolled out to ensure residents are aware of the services and increase reporting and confidence to report.

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) highlighted the need to continue the 24/7 reporting hotline that offers a localised response to hate crime. Residents must have a mechanism to report into and to have their concerns answered by training operators.

Challenges that are being identified around hate crime are as followed;

·  Clear identification of hate crime and whether the figures are being duplicated

·  Distinction between hate crime and hate incidents.

·  Identifying misogyny as a hate crime. Learning from areas such as Nottingham has been reviewed which the voluntary sector is driving, this has been accepted by the voluntary sector and council however faces issues with MPS enforcement concerns.


ACTION: Update on progress of Hate Crime strategy to be presented at a future CSP Board.



MPS tri-borough plans and Policing Numbers pdf icon PDF 124 KB


Detective Superintendent Chaudhri updated board members on policing numbers across the borough.

·  17 new recruits coming into the BCU.

·  The current offer for “buy one get one free” estates police will be replaced by a new scheme “Partnership Plus”, the local authority will be able to purchase an officer at a reduced rate on a 3 year agreement. This will have a significant impact for Barking and Dagenham however Inspector Goodwin is producing a plan on how we can move this forward in partnership.

·  Information around the number of officers due to retire is not known, however MPS would not prevent officers who can retire from applying to work in BCU’s as a preference as this would be age discriminatory. The HQ Superintendent is undertaking some scoping work for officers across the BCU to have a 5% balance of restricted or recuperative officers across the board.

·  School officer numbers were of concern to the partnership, Councillor Mullane noted that a school’s officer was meant to be allocated to the PRU at Mayesbrook site however is not visible on a regular basis. MPS advised that all schools have a schools offer they can contact however scoping work needs to be conducted to review where officers are based. Schools officers are underrepresented with 35 officers in post however 25 on restrictive or recouped duty. All fully fit schools’ officers have been ringfenced, so they can’t be pulled into other areas or requests.

·  The report doesn’t reflect what the youth forum are putting forward and young people are not aware of the school’s officers patrolling, collectively we are not responding to the intelligence that young people are providing.

·  Members felt that work also needs to be done with parents who feel disempowered.

·  Incorrect policing numbers have been relayed to the partnership, so it is difficult to determine the correct information. Current information relayed by the tri-borough commander reflected 30 demand officers, 10 across each borough, at present Barking and Dagenham and 4 and Havering 13.

·  Stop and searches are predominantly conducted by the estates team so there is apprehension on what the impacts to stop and search will be with the new Partnership Plus scheme.

·  It was questioned whether there is an underlying theme to those officers on restricted duty however none were identified.


ACTION: Detective Superintendent Chaudri to look into school officers for PRU (Mayesbrook Site) and schools where there is highest concern to deploy officers.

ACTION: Detective Superintendent Chaudri to confirm correct policing numbers with Jason Gwillim and report back to Fiona Taylor. Figures provided in this report are different to figures provided by Jason Gwillim.



RESTRICTED: Domestic Violence Homicide Review


This item is restricted, minutes from the board have been sent to members and will not be published due to sensitive information.


RESTRICTED: Stephen Port Case


This item is restricted, minutes from the board have been sent to members and will not be published due to sensitive information.


5 minutes


Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 153 KB


Fiona Taylor called for members to review the forward plan and send any future agenda items for the board to Jade Hodgson. The following items were put forward;

  1. IGU presentation on findings and functions of the unit (June Board)
  2. Prevent action plan (June/September Board)


5 minutes


Any Other Business


MOPAC requested that the LBBD review current data and performance to help set local policing high volume priorities for 2019/20 for submission on 22nd March 2019. MOPAC recommended that our current priority of Burglary and Pan London ASB priority remain and replace of currently priority of Non-Domestic Abuse Violence with Injury with Theft of a Motor Vehicle. Upon discussion with MPS leads and review of data and looking at harm scores, cost of crime and volume of crime it was put forward that Non-Domestic Abuse Violence with Injury would remain our priority along with Burglary and ASB. The findings were presented to the CSP Chair, Cabinet Member of Enforcement and Community Safety, Director of Enforcement and Community Safety where an agreement was made to submit our current priorities to continue into 2019/20. Members of board agreed with these priorities and the rationale behind this.


MPS raised that the port community engagement plan had be sent to both Steve Thompson and Fiona Taylor on 09/01 to clarify, this was responded to by Steve Thompson.


The chair highlighted that the ISA is now in place and all member should be ensuring the ISA is followed. 


2 minutes


Date of Next Meeting


Community Safety Partnership Board

Wednesday 26 June 2019, 10:00-13:00pm

Barking Learning Centre, Conference Room