Agenda and minutes

Community Safety Partnership
Wednesday, 11 December 2019 10:00 am

Venue: Conference Centre, Barking Learning Centre, Town Square, Barking

Contact: Jade Hodgson, Community Safety Policy Officer 

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Introductions and Apologies for Absence


The board was chaired by the Deputy BCU Commander Mark Long. The chair opened the meeting introductions and apologies were made

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Declaration of Interests

Members of the Board are asked to declare any personal or prejudicial interest they may have in any matter which is to be considered at this meeting.


No declarations of interest to note.


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Minutes and Action Log pdf icon PDF 131 KB

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The minutes from September CSP board were reviewed by members and confirmed as correct. The action log is to be reviewed by Jade Hodgson and Fiona Taylor.


ACTION: Jade Hodgson and Fiona Taylor to review CSP action log


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Domestic Abuse Commission pdf icon PDF 168 KB

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Florence Henry updated board members on the developments of the domestic abuse commission which was launched in September 2019 with a central launch at City Hall on 04February. The commission was set up following the review of data and schools’ surveys that presented that 26% of young people felt it was sometimes acceptable to hit their partner. Following this the commission was launched to look at residents’ attitudes, understanding, perceptions and tolerations of domestic abuse.


The commission has enlisted support from 12 high level professionals and aims to produce a blueprint for other areas to adopt. A report setting out learning and recommendations to address the normalisation and attitudes towards it is expected to be drafted by October 2020. The commission has included local input setting up a borough expert panel for local views and to provide connections into the community, a survivors panel currently being recruited to which will play a key role to help learning and shape recommendations and an LBBD Staff network which will meet for the first time on 15 January 2020 to provide suggestions to the commission involvement in events. The workstreams that will be covered consists of;


·  Quantative data looking to review how domestic violence affects residents

·  Qualitative data looking at survivors’ journeys and experiences, what the wider population and young people think around domestic violence

·  Cultures and history exploring community understanding and how domestic violence exists within different communities

·  Future proofing exploring areas such as housing and regeneration and what the impacts would be with social migration and increase population.

·  National best practice reviewing academic research and what can be learnt from other campaigns such as drink driving to change public consensus.

·  Staff, including surveying staff within staff temperature check

·  Creating a national methodology, ensuring we recorded what has been done, opportunities and challenges.


Mark Long noted there is need to link in with neighbouring boroughs as offending and abuse can be cross border. From a policing perspective it is already known that people are more likely to be a victim in Barking and Dagenham than other London boroughs showing how critical this work is and advised that the MPS can explore and support the identification of victims for the survivor panel which was mirrored by Victim Support.


Hazel North-Stephens opened the staff workstream to partners to increase the partnerships involvement. 


Brian Parrot mentioned that this is a national feature for Barking and Dagenham residents and there needs to be a clear response to people’s reactions to this work. Councillor Worby highlighted the need and plan to work with local GP’s to understand how critical their roles are in addressing this. Mark Long agreed highlighting that the challenge is around hidden signs for example damaged bathroom doors being an indicator, the commission are looking into this element of work.


Andy Opie questioned what plans are in place to work within the community and how the commission will engage with residents. Work has been done through an engagement officer during 16 days  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.

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Refuge - Domestic and Sexual Violence Service pdf icon PDF 1 MB





Refuge is a national organisation which has been commissioned by Barking and Dagenham council to deliver a domestic and sexual abuse service to people who live or work within the Brough. The service incorporates different elements the main elements and some elements are specific to Barking and Dagenham. All provision will come into one single point of access. All referrals to the domestic and sexual violence service provided by Refuge will come via Single Point of Access.

Service Structure:

·  Four IGVAs for victims providing 1:1 support to meet the needs of the individual.

·  Young Person’s Advocate supporting young people aged between 12-17years support includes talking about impacts, views, safety planning and making sense on what happened whether they are a victim or witness.

·  Children outreach worker works with the non-abuse parent and the child to help rebuild relationships.

·  13 units of refuge provision, Refuge will work to identify locations individuals looking to flee would want to live to safety and safeguarding.

·  Perpetrator casework to reduce levels of re-victimising and re-offending and to help understand their behaviours.


Additional support available through the service:

·  Group and peer support work for any survivor, looking at what abuse is, what an abusive relationship is and what is a healthy relationship and explores the impacts of abuse on victims and their children. Feedback from group work has shown its beneficial for victims, make support networks.

·  Tech abuse lead supporting staff and clients in looking at how technology is used by perpetrators, provides advice on how to develop a safety plan to protect against tech abuse. The tech lead also runs workshops and 1:1 session and can attend team meetings to share information and advice.

·  Sanctuary provision looks at additional security for victims who want to remain in the property and develops safety plans.

·  Refuge runs Free national 24 hour domestic violence helpline 0808200247

·  Longer term peer mentor element that will support groups sessions


The structure of the service consists of a service and deputy manager, 4 IGVAs, 1 children’s outreach worker, 1 young person’s advocate, 2.5 refuge workers and 0.6 perpetrator caseworker. The service has received 132 referrals within the 1st month, the board agreed it would be helpful to have an understanding on data, where referrals are coming from, gaps and services provided at the end of the first quarter. Current data (until 01 October 2019) shows that there is a significant number coming through MARAC and children services and a high level of self-referrals. It was agreed that this data will be picked up through their contract monitoring meeting and feedback to the board in March 2020.


Brian Parrot emphasised the need to have deeper understanding on the partnerships ensure that where work overlaps into other management boards they are updated on the work and outcomes. Councillor Worby echoed the need to triangulate to reduce duplication and ensure that the boards are sharing information and reporting of key activities. Andy Opie asked whether any other challenges have been identified through the service around  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.

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Family Law Accessibility Group (FLAG) pdf icon PDF 101 KB

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Item deferred to March CSP Board as presenter was not present.


ACTION: Defer FLAG presentation to March CSP Board


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Domestic Abuse - Early Intervention


Maxine Blackledge presented to the board on the “Step It Up” initiative around early support for domestic abuse victims. Maxine Blackledge leads the risk reduction team which saw a high attrition rate of victim reports which highlighted the need to fill gaps in provision looking at peak demand times for DV calls and providing the right level of support to victims early on. The project is set out over 3 stages;


1.  SEIT (specialist early intervention team) which provides similar support as a family liaison officer (FLO), support could range from a phone call to deployment to the victim

2.  PPPR on DVPOs (positive perpetrator programme requirements on domestic violence protection orders) to support the reduction in repeat victimisation and reduction in level of harm

3.  SDAC (specialist domestic abuse courts) which is looking to work with Romford court to become a specialised court for dealing with domestic abuse, this element is currently on pause.


The aim of the service is to;

·  Reduce numbers of victims withdrawing their support within the first 48 hours

·  Provide the correct level of support to victims at early stages

·  Increase levels of prosecutions through the Criminal Justice System

·  Introduce 24/7 specialist domestic abuse Early Intervention Teams

·  Establish provision to plug the gap from the victim reporting to perpetrator arrest

·  Establish positive perpetrator programmes to work with those presenting or at risk of developing abusive behaviours before it escalates in level of harm.

·  The SEIT will engage with the victim to provide support, provide accurate information about next steps with partner in custody, offer Clare’s Law, if unwilling to prosecute then explain civil options etc.


When looking at harm index through the MET central intelligence team data shows that for level of harm Barking and Dagenham rank 14 highest, volume of domestic abuse offences Barking and Dagenham are ranked 12 highest however when you overlay the population compared to other boroughs Barking and Dagenham comes out on top. 


The next steps to introduce the service will be;

·  Link in with refuge and council support services to explore how this and be commissioned and funded.

·  Legal conference booked with Counsel on the 10th December with Chris Demetriou from DLS in attendance for advice on this matter.

·  Meeting proposed with District Judge with counsel present

Fiona Taylor praised the initiative and the partnership supports the work highlight how this compliments workstreams such as the Family Law Accessibility Group (FLAG). Hazel North-Stephens raised that police referrals are not being made to FLAG, information and advice on referrals has been circulated to safeguarding officer. Fiona Taylor requested for this to be reviewed also requested for any support that the board can provide to be highlighted.


April Bald questioned with this type of work including work with children and young people in the family home will we expect to see more detailed merlin’s coming into the MASH? The voice of the child is a main element and will ensure signposting and detailed information is going through the partnership. This will  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.

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LBBD Prevent Plan and Peer Assessment


The Prevent Delivery Plan was presented to the partnership which aims to be formally signed off by the Prevent Steering Group in January 2020. The delivery plan is made up of 38 priortities which fall under several elements which also support partnerships and councils’ priorities. Prevent still poses a level of risk in the borough with changes to the workforce, large and transient population with a fast changing demographic and mobile communities, unregulated spaces and schools, background of far right politics, mis ideology, visibility in East London of EDL and negative perceptions of prevent.


Current work delivery has included training to local schools which will be concluded by February 2020 which will have seen all schools within the borough trained within 1.5 years. A programme delivered by CVS and Al Medina Mosque hosting workshops to look at far right extremism. Ongoing development from 2020 will focus on increasing the membership of the Channel Panel to include MASH leads, developing a comms strategy and Prevent Advisory Group, link in with the Domestic Violence Commission, writing guidance for local schools, undertaking community outreach to raise awareness, developing online prevent materials, imbedding prevent objectives within referral pathways and interventions and increase the understanding for partners of local threats and vulnerabilities in relation to extremism and terrorism.


LBBD will be partaking in a peer review between 10-12th March 2020, the review will assess the borough of 10 benchmarks. The assessment will be including interviewing leads on links with community safety and the partnership, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), exploitation, links with schools which will identify gaps in the service and its delivery. Work is underway to identify these gaps and areas of improvement prior to the review.


Councillor Worby highlighted the concerns around the level of work with Al Medina Mosque which reduced buy in from the smaller mosques. This was understood by the prevent lead, work is being done to seek funding who will work with smaller community groups and schools providing training by former far right extremists which will aim to increase engagement with smaller mosques and communities. The borough has previously had this funding although there was limited delivery through the fund so if the funding is secured there needs to be an increase in their delivery in Barking and Dagenham.


It was highlighted that prevent will be seeing a large decrease in funding due to limited number of referrals and requested support from the service. Any further training offers should be explored for front line staff including those within ComSol and Enforcement services. Training will be delivered in December 2019 for social workers and will be available on I-learn, this training and increase in understanding on prevent will hopefully see an increase in referrals.  The concerns around decrease to funding for prevent was echoed through the board, the chair stressed the worry of reduced funding due to the breakdown of internal processes and questioned whether there is an option to stop the reduction in funding when looking at  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.

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Domestic Violence Homicide Review Report




Sonia Drozd provided an update to board members on the Domestic Violence Homicide Report (DVHR). An external chair was procured to review the case and develop a DVHR that sets out lessons learnt within and between agencies and actions for the partnership to deliver to improve processes. The report has now been drafted and shared with members, CSP members have been sent the report with a request for any feedback and comments to be submitted by Wednesday 18 December 2019. The final report will not be published until late spring early summer due to delays at the Home Office. It is important to note due to the amount of work and actions that have already been taken by the council and local partnerships there is not requirement for an action plan to be developed.

The board were provided with some background of KP and her life from her childhood through to adulthood providing information around her career and life leading up to the incident. The board felt it was important to provide an update to members to bring the importance of learning from reviews to the room and have an insight on what KP and her family had faced before the incident.

ACTION: Members to feedback any comments on the DVHR by Wednesday 18 December 2019.


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Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 171 KB


The board discussed future agenda items and the following was agreed;


ACTION: Roadmap around partnerships structures, roles and responsibilities to be presented to March CSP Board.

ACTION: The collective to provide an update on the structure and remit of the service to a latter CSP Board

ACTION: An update on the development of the Tri-borough strategic assessment to be presented to the CSP Board.

ACTION: Refuge/Hazel North-Stephens to provide an update to March board on delivery, support applied and referrals.


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Any Other Business


The chair thanked members for their support into the March board.


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Date of Next Meeting

Community Safety Partnership Board

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 10.00-1.00pm

Barking Learning Centre, Conference Room


Community Safety Partnership Board

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 10:00am-13:00pm

Barking Learning Centre, Conference Room