Agenda and minutes

Community Safety Partnership
Wednesday, 9 December 2020 10:00 am

Venue: Conference Centre, Barking Learning Centre, Town Square, Barking

Contact: Jade Hodgson, Community Safety Partnership Policy Officer 

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Introductions and Apologies for Absence


Councillor Mullane, CSP chair opened the December Community Safety Partnership (CSP) board meeting and introductions and apologies were made.


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Declaration of Interests

Members of the Board are asked to declare any personal or prejudicial interest they may have in any matter which is to be considered at this meeting.


No declarations of interest to note.


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Minutes pdf icon PDF 116 KB


The minutes from September’s CSP board were reviewed and confirmed as correct.



LGBT Needs Assessment Update


Following the report to June CSP, Mark Tyson provided an update on developments of work between the council and MPS

·  The council and MPS met to discuss the upcoming inquest in January 2021

·  The council are designing a leaflet to the Community, Voluntary and Faith sector informing them of the inquest, the context and where to access support for those who may benefit.

·  Work continues to build community momentum behind Be and Do.

·  An equality and diversity fund was available and shared widely for LGBT History Month, only 1 application was received to run an event during LGBT history month highlighting that more work needs to be done to connect communities and local LGBT groups. 

·  Mark Tyson has joined the community reference group for the Port inquest.

·  MPS have set up an LGBTQ+ advisor group who have met twice

·  MPS are conducting a temperature check on tensions regarding the inquest, nothing yet has come to light, however this may change in the new year when press interest increases.

·  A policing plan will be in place for the inquest.

·  Councillor Worby stressed the value of considering the reaction of the wider London Community, MPS headquarters are conducting a London community impact assessment.

·  This was echoed by Councillor Mullane who also raised concerns on applications for the equality and diversity fund highlighting that much more needs to be done.

·  Mark Tyson has connected with a network who chair LGBT forums for local authorities and community groups across London to explore areas that may arise during the inquest.

·  Hazel North-Stephens asked if the IAG comms can be shared with the CSP to help set out expectations and opportunities the group might offer. Mark Long agreed this request. Mark Tyson highlighted the importance that they can form their own place without being forced.

·  Fiona Taylor noted that the inquest is due to last for 9 weeks, B&D are project managing the inquest so if anyone has any queries please report to Fiona Taylor.


ACTION: Mark Long to share feedback from LGBTQ+ IAG with CSP



LBBD Partnership Board Governance Map pdf icon PDF 21 KB

Additional documents:


Following a request from the CSP in December 2019 the presentation provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities, structures and reporting lines for the Childrens Safeguarding Partnership and Safeguarding Adults Board and how these align with the CSP. Highlighting shared priorities and how we can work together in a more aligned way.


Childrens Safeguarding Partnership

·  Working Together 2008 required transitions for safeguarding boards into LSCB.

·  The three strategic partners are Police, Local Authority and CCG represented on the Safeguarding Executive Group and all other partnership board.

·  Work closely with BHR safeguarding executive to ensure we can work across the tri-borough on shared priorities specifically around exploitation and serious case reviews which can feed down into operational and delivery groups.

·  Safeguarding exec board oversees safeguarding partnership, partnership is representative of the thematic and operational delivery groups. 

·  Hoping to establish membership in January, recruitment for independent scrutineer and will chair the partnership board and hold board to account. Role will be a safeguarding partnership and views and communities of those living in borough.

·  The role will be supported by practice development and training delivery group. Working with performance and assurance group and young person’s safety group to hold partnership to account to deliver key priorities. 

·  Key priorities are contextual safeguarding, child sexual abuse safeguarding, neglect, and early help, prevent, multi-agency sexual exploitation, child death review panel and multi-agency criminal exploitation, the majority of groups are aligned with CSP.


Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB)

·  Structure reporting into H&WB and chaired by an independent chair Brian Parrott

·  Statutory partners representation again is Police, Local Authority and CCG.

·  Ensure there is good alignment across the SAB and Childrens Safeguarding Partnership

·  The subgroups are Performance and assurance committee, Safeguarding Adults Review Committee and Safeguarding Complex Cases Group

·  The CSP the membership is alignment through strategic arrangements and chairs.


The cross cutting areas of work identified are safeguarding, modern day slavery, exploitation, contextual safeguarding, domestic abuse, prevent and mental health. Recommendations to align the work include bringing together partnership board admin/managers and an annual summit. The partnership agreed it would be helpful to come together annually to reflect the priorities.


Brian Parrot endorsed the work and raised that we need to look at strategic priorities and statutory responsibilities and revisit protocols. SAB Statutory duties are explicit with annual strategies and reviews along with regulations, partner, and London expectations in which the SAB shape itself on.


Councillor Carpenter asked what gaps with education were identified, it was noted a lot of work is done with education and Education feed into subgroups but are not reflected directly on the CSP. The VRU plan includes a range of education actions which highlights the structure does not effectively support where these would be delivered. Education is represented on the neglect group and will be reflected on the childrens safeguarding partnership once it is re-established.


Hazel North-Stephens raised the VAWG subgroup has not met since January, to mitigate this a MARAC Steering group was set up focusing on DA/MARAC rather than  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


CSP VRU Serious Violence Action Plan pdf icon PDF 314 KB


Updates from Jade Hodgson, Paul Trevers, Angie Fuller and Councillor Worby were provided on delivery of actions within the VRU Serious Violence Plan.

·  County Lines training delivered by Henry Blake was commissioned for professional across the East BCU, 10 sessions were delivered at Broadway Theatre with 520 attending prior to COVID-19. Following COVID 8 sessions were hosted via MS teams with 271 attending.

·  The Ben Kinsella Trust are implementing an anti-knife crime exhibition in borough using interactive rooms including a cinema room, choices and consequences room, prison cell and medical theatre room along with a localised perspective working with bereaved families. The exhibition will link this in with the Councils Lost Hours campaign.

·  MPS noted a good level of partnership buy in and an East BCU meeting chaired by Mr Clayman is in place to monitor delivery of the plans.

·  Key delivery and tasking processes emerging from TTCG. There is room for improvement with information sharing to increase intel from councils into MPS.

·  MPS are exploring increasing scrutiny, the VRU plan will lead to greater external scrutiny.

·  Knife crime saw a slight increase with 3 additional victims which are gangs related incidents. However, year on years shows a 22% reduction.

·  GBH data outlined a 22% reduction in comparison to previous year.

·  Robbery presented a 40% reduction in comparing to previous year. 

·  Residential burglary shows a 29% reduction for compared to previous year.

·  Covert operation underway to tackle ongoing tensions between GBlock and Academy Way.

·  Spark2Life are delivering high level mentoring at Mayesbrook Park PRU following a highlight of difficult and complex young people and associations. The provision has been running for 4 weeks and has engaged 18 young people, with 7-10 in a more intensive manor. PRU noted the rapport and relationships are positive, diversion and engagement with young people will support young people returning to mainstream education.

·  The Youth at Risk Matrix (YARM) are effectively back working in Primary and Secondary schools with 8 workers assigned to specific schools. Feedback is positive, having great outcomes for young people with YARM changing trajectory in the borough. Podcasts are also being delivered over the last 3-4 weeks. Councillor Worby noted the SUSS workshop was a testament to YARM, case studies are positive and should be widely shared.

·  Perpetrator programme focuses on intervention and housing accommodation for perpetrators where there is compliance allowing the survivor to remain in their home. Sophie Linden visited the borough to discuss this is innovative pilot. The 12 month pilot will aim to house up to 10 perpetrators and will be closely monitored to understand impacts.


ACTION: Angie Fuller, Jade Hodgson & Sharon White to discuss promotion of case studies.


MOPAC LCPF/VRU 2021/22 Funding Proposal


The council have been informed by MOPAC the VRU and LCPF will continue for a further 12 months. Allocations remain, VRU at £145,000 and LCPF at £451,054. High priority areas for the LCPF are gangs and organised crime, serious youth violence, IOM, substance misuse, domestic abuse, CSE and harmful practices. The priority areas for the VRU are education and reducing exclusions, parental support, community involvement and diversionary and preventative initiatives.


Key council leads and commissioners met to identify where there are pressures and increased demand on services and interventions. This highlighted the need to increase capacity into the Youth at Risk Matrix (YARM) and the domestic abuse perpetrator programme. The VRU proposal sets out funding The Ben Kinsella Trust and 2 YARM workers. The LCPF proposals sets out funding for 4 YARM workers, out of court disposals, perpetrator programme, IOM, mentoring provision, and funding for the community and voluntary sector. A specification for the mentoring and community grant fund will be developed line with the priority areas which will be driven by the crime and disorder strategic assessment and mapping of community interventions. The board agreed the LCPF and VRU proposals and confirmed they can be submitted.



RESTRICTED: Re-unification of NPS and CRC


Information restricted



RESTRICTED: Prevent Update


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Performance Report


Mark Long provided a brief update on performance.

·  The majority of crime measures are green with some notable red, these generally represent covid-19 issues.

·  There was a 30% reduction in crime during the first lockdown, the second lockdown saw crime rates returning to similar levels as before along with call volumes.

·  ASB reports increased significantly, however this does not mean ASB increased. Covid-19 calls were marked as ASB so adds a large increase in ASB data.

·  Increase in domestic abuse, Barking and Dagenham have the highest harm in London, the increase in DA was seen across BCU.

·  There will be challenge for MPS for 2021/22 comparing crime rates to previous year as they will be measures against rates during COVID-19.

·  MPS have tried to balance COVID-19 response and enforcement. During COVID MPS were able to do more proactive policing, reflected in drug offences data.

·  MPS are targeting organised crime which impacts street based crime looking at drug supply and cannabis factories.

·  Burglary and robbery were reducing before COVID-19

·  Public reassurance following an incident in Whalebone was positive, MPS are trying to improve comms position.

·  Brothels were also highlighted by CSP members as an increasing issue. Seeing the same issues as Redbridge, need to ensure safeguarding first and enforcement second.

·  Pip Salvador-Jones asked if MPS are forecasting an increase in crime levels due to BREXIT and crime levels to exceed normal rates following COVID-19, MPS are not forecasting an increase but advise there could be potential for increased hate crimes. 

·  Councillor Mullane noted potential impacts on crime rates when Furlough ends.


ACTION: Mark Long and Councillor Mullane to discuss issues with Brothels in LBBD.



Subgroup Update Reports


Contextual safeguarding has good partner representation, membership now includes policy and participation. The group co-ordinate and aligning work on exploitation and youth violence on programmes like Step Up Stay Safe and the VRU Community Champions Fund. Working with University of Bedfordshire to tackle risk in communities including peer groups and locations and are exploring business watch to work in partnership on contextual safeguarding. The Lost Hours campaign has been positive, and packs are being developed for schools, in addition the tootoot campaign is launched for young people to effectively express concerns and views. The numbers of young people at risk of exploitation have not increased. Sexual and criminal exploitation groups continue with good partnership and information sharing. A theme the group are seeing are Romanian (Roma) males being criminally exploitation and sexual exploitation of girls being trafficked and moved between boroughs. Since lockdown has lifted numbers into missing panel have not returned to previous levels, this could be due to the Philomena work with care homes.


YOS Board – The focus during the last quarter has been on first time entrants, during that period 70 young people entered the system, YOS board are reviewing 10 young people looking at the history to see if any learning or opportunities for earlier intervention could be done. The board has introduced Abdullah as a member to include young people’s voices, Abdullah has done positive work around presentation voices of young people in courts and will be developing a leaflet to explain court processes, rights, and languages within court. Board is not having consistent attendance from partnership which is important for the development and delivery of the board.


HIE – Focus has been on the upcoming inquest and ensuring the right processes are in place to monitor tensions in lead up to and during the inquest. Working towards communications to raise awareness on how people can report concerns and tensions and how to access support services. NHCAW which was impacted by COVID-19 therefore activities were held virtually. Secondly the ongoing work with Newham Chinese Association to engage with communities in response to concerns highlight on tension and hate crime directed to the communities during COVID-19.


IVOLT continues to meet monthly with good attendance. The primary function is to look at repeat complaints, joint action plans with Police and MPS mental health SPoC, to identify emerging trends like unlicensed music events and our partnership response along with monitoring intel reported down from TTCG. The group are working towards an intel product to inform tasking and resources.


Reducing Reoffending Board are at the stage of gathering and collating a data set bringing together performance measures across partners to develop a dashboard. The focus will be in line with CSP priorities such as serious violence, reducing crime in relation to robberies and IOM.


VAWG has not been operating, a MARAC steering group has been set up to continue a partnership response. LCPF funding supported an IDVA uplift due to an increase in caseloads from 30 (advised limit)  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.

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Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 135 KB


The board agreed items listed on the forward plan for March CSP. Any further items for future boards are to be sent to Jade Hodgson.


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Any Other Business


Nathan Singleton updated boards on a potential scheme to look at early intervention and follow up from stop and search to engage young people and families at a widow of opportunity. Conversations have taken place MASH and a meeting is scheduled with Mr Clayman, a request for the board on other avenues would be appreciated.


LifeLine Projects partnered with the local authority to apply for the VRU Community Champion Fund. The bid will recruit co-ordinators across the East BCU (2 in Barking and Dagenham) attract 15 champions who will then train and support 50 parents where there is risk of youth violence around their young person. Referral process is open, the pilot is open until March 2021 but hope pilot can showcase what can be done and attract further support.


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Date of Next Meeting

Community Safety Partnership Board

Wednesday 31 March 2021, 10.00-13.00pm

MS Teams

Chair: Stephen Clayman


Community Safety Partnership Board

Wednesday 31 March 2021, 10:00am-13:00pm

MS Teams

Chair: Stephen Clayman