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Licensing and Regulatory Committee

This page lists the meetings for Licensing and Regulatory Committee.

The Licensing and Regulatory Committee (previously known as the Licensing and Regulatory Board) has overall responsibility for a range of licensing matters such as applications for premises licenses for the sale of alcohol, review applications for premises licenses, applications for street trading, night cafes etc. and licenses for sex establishments and betting shops.  The three main aspects of legislation relating to the Board’s work are the Licensing Act 2003, Section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972 and the Gambling Act 2005. 


In November 2014 a Licensing Sub-Committee was established to make decisions on applications, in line with statutory guidance issued under Section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003. 


The main Licensing and Regulatory Committee meets quarterly to consider strategic / policy matters, other current issues and, in exceptional circumstances, applications which would otherwise have been dealt with by the Licensing Sub-Committee but where it has been decided that the matter should go before the full Committee.