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Elevate Limited Liability Partnership Board


Elevate is a company created under a joint venture and partnership agreement between the Council and its private sector partner, Agilisys, to deliver a range of services such as ICT, Revenues and Benefits, B&D Direct, Procurement and Accounts Payable.


The Elevate Limited Liability Partnership Board will have an independent Chair as well as representation from the Council and Agilisys.  The Board will meet monthly and will be responsible for, amongst other things, agreeing the annual Business Plan of Elevate and considering regular performance and business development reports.

Contact information

Andrew Middenhall
Email:&nbsp;<a href="mailto:andrew.middenhall@lbbd.gov.uk">andrew.middenhall@lbbd.gov.uk</a>

Email: andrew.middenhall@lbbd.gov.uk

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